Audio Recordings

A. Audio Recordings


A1. Nez Perce Cultural Camp & Wilson, Elizabeth; Nez Perce Stories. [2008] 2008.

Location: Alvin M. & Betty Josephy Library of Western History and Culture; Joseph, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume, volume 7 of Nimipuutímt. Vol. 1: 1 CD.

Contents: “Track 1: Mountain Goat weeyekin song,” “Track 2: Indian Religion,” “Track 3: River Wind tiiyaapoo,” “Track 4: Coyote Story,” “Track 5: Cannibal story & songs,” “Track 6: Walla Wallapoo,” “Track 7: Medicine Man’s Cure,” “Track 8: Coyote Story,” “Track 9: Coyote Story,” “Track 10: Walla Wallapoo part 1,” “Track 11: Walla Wallapoo part 2”

Description: Stories and songs, religious or otherwise. Stories told in English, songs sung in Nez Perce.

Keywords: Legends, Culture, Religion, Language, Oral Traditions, Audio Recordings