B. Transcriptions


B11. James, Caroline; Nez Perce Women in Transition, 1877-1990 [1996] 1996

Nez Perce Women / in Transition / 1877-1990 / Caroline James / University of Idaho Press / Moscow, Idaho / 1996

Location: Alvin M. & Betty Josephy Library of Western History and Culture; Joseph, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: i. half title; ii. blank; iii. full title; iv. copyright; v. dedication; vi. blank; vii. ‘Contents;’ viii. blank; ix-xi. ‘List of Figures;’ xii. blank; xiii. ‘Individuals Interviewed;’ xiv-xxvi. pictures of individuals interviewed; xxvii-xxix. ‘Acknowledgements;’ unpaginated blank; 1-231. text; 232. blank; 233-38. ‘Bibliography;’ 239-45. ‘Index;’ unpaginated blank

Text Contents: “1 Introduction,” “2 Women as Providers”: “Food Quest and Processing,” “Shelter,” “Clothing,” “Other Items of Hide and Buckskin,” “Paints and Dyes,” “Weaving,” “Other Tasks,” “Agriculture” “3 Life Cycle of Women”: “Raising Children,” “Childhood,” “Marriage and Social Relations,” “Death” “4 Travel and Trade”: “Introduction of Horses,” “Railroads,” “Trade,” “Social Activities” “5 Women in History”: “Women’s Involvement in Council,” “Women in War,” “Other Stories of Nez Perce Women” “6 Religion”: “Native Religion,” “Christianity” “7 Education”: “Nez Perce Traditional Education,” “The Euro-American Education System,” “Women and Modern Education” “8 Modern Roles and Problems,” “9 Conclusion”

Description: Study on the roles of women in Nez Perce culture. Interspersed heavily with interviews from Nez Perce women.

Reviews: Foster, Martha Harroun. “Nez Perce Women in Transition, 1877-1990.” Review of Nez Perce Women in Transition, 1877-1990, by Caroline James. Pacific Historical Review, vol. 66 no. 1 (pp. 108-109), February, 1997. doi: 10.2307/4492303

Keywords: Culture, Gender, Religion, Politics, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions


B23. Walker, Jr., Deward E.; Blood of the Monster: The Nez Perce Coyote Cycle [1994, 1996, 1998] 1994

Blood of / the Monster / The Nez Perce Coyote Cycle / Deward E. Walker, Jr. / in collaboration with Daniel N. Matthews / Illustrations by Marc Seahmer / High Plains Publishing Company

Location: Nez Perce National Historical Park Archives; Spalding, Idaho

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: 2 unpaginated blanks; i. half title; ii. illustration; iii. full title; iv. copyright; v. dedication; vi. blank; vii-ix. ‘Contents;’ x. blank; xi. ‘Acknowledgements,’ xii. blank; 1-4. ‘Introduction;’ 5. ‘Table 1: Principal Characters in the Nez Perce Coyote Cycle;’ 6. ‘The Nez Perce Homeland and Their Neighbors’ map; 7-229. text; 230. blank; 231-36. ‘Bibliography;’ 237-44. ‘Index;’ 2 unpaginated blanks

Text Contents: “Part One Coyote Myths”: “Coyote and Monsters”: “1. Coyote and Monter,” “2. Killer Mosquito,” “3. Coyote Defeats the Sun,” “4. Coyote and Flint,” “5. Coyote and Hummingbird,” “6. Killer Butterfly,” “7. Mussel-Shell Killers,” “8. Killer Baby,” “9. Frog and Coyote,” “10. Frog and Bluejar,” “11. Cannibal,” “12. Blindworm Killer” “Coyote the Transformer”: “13. Coyote Breaks the Fish Dam at Celilo,” “14. Coyote and White-tailed Buck,” “15. How Coyote Made Different People,” “16. Coyote Shoots Cow Elk,” “17. How the Salmon Found Out That They Shouldn’t Go Up Potlatch Creek,” “18. Worm Penis,” “19. Cold and Warm Brothers Wrestle,” “20. How the Animals Got Their Names,” “21. How Coyote Brought the Buffalo,” “22. How Coyote Lost His Eyes,” “23. The Sun and the Moon,” “24. Coyote and Winter Have a War,” “25. Coyote and Bull,” “26. Coyote Visits Elk and Fish Hawk,” “27. How Porcupine Went to the Plains,” “28. Coyote’s Trip to the East” “Coyote and Fox”: “29. Coyote and Fox,” “30. Coyote and Fox Pretend to Be Women,” “31. Fox and Coyote as Shamans,” “32. Coyote and Fox Run Races” “Coyote and Grizzly Bear”: “33. The Five Grizzly  Bear Sisters and the Five Woodpecker Brothers,” “34. How the Grizzly Bear Sisters Were Fooled,” “35. Don’t Crack the Bones,” “36. How Coyote Killed the Grizzly Bears,” “37. Coyote Kills Grizzly Bear’s Sons” “Coyote and Women and Children”: “38. Coyote and the Shadow People,” “39. Bat and Coyote,” “40. Cut-Out-of Belly Boy,” “41. Weasel Wrestles for a Wife,” “42. Coyote Marries His Daughter,” “43. Coyote and His Daughter,” “44. Elbow Baby,” “45. Cixcixícim Boy,” “46. Warmweather and Coldweather,” “47. Bobcat and Pinesquirrel’s Daughter,” “48. The Disobedient Boy,” “49. Frog and Crawfish Dance,” “50. Coyote Visits White Mountain,” “51. Sea Monster,” “52. How Coyote’s Penis Became a Dam” “Part Two A Descriptive Interpretation of Coyote’s Character”: “Introduction,” “Coyote and Monsters,” “Coyote and Advisors,” “Coyote’s Interactions with Groups,” “Coyote and Children,” “Coyote’s Relationships with Adult Female Characters,” “Coyote’s Relationships with Adult Male Characters,” “Conclusion”

Description: Collection of Nez Perce folklore surrounding Coyote and analysis.

Reviews: Dye, Kevin, and Deward Walker. Oregon Historical Quarterly 97, no. 4 (1996): 485-87.

Note: Published in 1998 under the title Nez Perce Coyote Tales: The Myth Cycle.

Keywords: Legends, Religion, Culture, Gender, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions


C. Novels


C9. Hilden, Patricia Penn; When Nickels Were Indians: An Urban, Mixed-Blood Story [1995, 1997] 1995

When / Nickels / Were / Indians / An Urban, / Mixed-Blood / Story / Patricia / Penn Hilden / Illustrated by Anne-Marie Hamilton / Smithsonian Institution Press / Washington and London

Location: Pendleton Public Library; Pendleton, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: 1 unpaginated blanks; i. half title; ii. ‘Smithsonian Series of Studies in Native American Literatures;’ iii. full title; iv. copyright; v. dedication; vi. quote; vii. ‘Contents;’ viii. blank; ix-xii. ‘Preface: ‘Anyway, That’s What I Think;’’ 1-214. text; 215-52. ‘Notes;’ 253-59. ‘Index;’ 3 unpaginated blanks

Text Contents: “1. Getting Out of Dodge,” “2. Ancestral Burdens,” “3. Buffalo Bill’s Defunct,” “4. Dislocations,” “5. Blood Wars,” “6. De-Colonizing the (Women’s) Mind,” “7. Indian Fashion,” “8 ‘Til Indian Voices Wake Us”

Description: Work of memoir-style creative nonfiction dealing with being of mixed heritage. Written by an author of Nez Perce heritage.

Keywords: Creative Nonfiction, Culture, Gender, Literature, Novels


F. Short Stories


F1. Aguilar, George W. “Celilo Lives on Paper.” Oregon Historical Quarterly 108, no. 4 (2007): 606-13.

Note: Includes brief mention of women from the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho on page 610.

Keywords: Fiction, Gender, Short Stories, Literature