B. Transcriptions


B8. Hunn, Eugene S., Morning Owl, E. Thomas, Cash Cash, Phillip E., and Engum, Jennifer Karson; Čáw Pawá Láakni: They Are Not Forgotten: Sahaptian Place Names Atlas of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla [2015] 2015

Čáw Pawá Láakni / They Are Not Forgotten / Sahaptian Place Names Atlas / of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla / Eugene S. Hunn / E. Thomas Morning Owl / Phillip E. Cash Cash / Jennifer Karson Engum / with / Daniel B. Haug, Roberta L. Conner, Bruce J. Rigsby, / John M. Chess, Modesta J. Minthorn / Tamástslikt Cultural Institute / Pendleton, Oregon / In association with Ecotrust / Portland, Oregon

Location: Alvin M. & Betty Josephy Library of Western History and Culture; Joseph, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: i. half title; ii. picture of the Blue Mountains; iii. full title; iv. copyright; v. dedication; vi-vii. ‘Contents;’ viii-ix. ‘Maps;’ x. blank; xi. ‘Opening;’ xii. blank; xiii. ‘Foreword: Iwaačanáay ‘This Is How It Was;’’ xiv. quote from Eugene S. Hunn; xv. ‘Preface: Áwna Wiya’uyikíkta ‘Now We Will Begin From Where We Left Off;’’ xvi. quotes from Roberta L. Conner and Jennifer Karson Engum; xvii. ‘Preface: Nawapxwiśtáymaśa ‘Voicing Diverse Thoughts;’’ xviii. blank; xix. ‘Preface: Šapásukwatimat ‘For You to Understand the Writing;’’ xx. blank; xxi. ‘Preface: Phonetic Pronounciation Key for Sahaptian;’ xxii. blank; 1. half title; 2. ‘Where We Lived and Traveled’ map; 4-187. text; 188. blank; 189. ‘Closing;’ 190. blank; 191. ‘Kwałánawašamataš ‘Thankful to You All;’’ 192. picture of Wáapnis; 193-228. ‘Appendices;’ 229-30. ‘Bibliography;’ 231-32. ‘Authors and Contributors;’ 233. ‘Illustration Credits;’ 234. blank; 235-40. ‘Subject Index;’ 241-44. ‘Native Place Names Index; 245-48. ‘English Place Names;’ 2 unpaginated blanks

Text Contents: “Part I – Testimonies: Waapaxwináwaša ‘Speaking Words of Testimony’”: Pawiyáninxana ‘They Used to Travel Around,’” “Wiyá’uyt Wapáxwini ‘We Are Beginning Our Testimony,’” “Naamí Tiičaamítimná ‘The Heart of Our Country,’” “Tiičám ku Sínwit ‘Lands and Languages,’” “Núunim Titwatíitin’ Wéetes ‘Our Storied Earth,’” “Walsáyčasminšmi Tiičám ‘The Land of Story Time,’” “Wéeteskin’ix Cùukwe ‘Knowledge From the Earth,’” “Panáykukša Ánimay ‘They Are Gathering for Winter,’” “Pašúwaša Tímanina Tiičámna ‘They Are Cutting Up the Marked Land,’” “Panakpuušayšáykš ‘Caring for a Legacy,’” “Anakú Waníčtna Papáyšinxa ‘When They Bring Out a Name,’” “Patánaknuwiša Naamípa Áwtnipamápa ‘They Are Protecting Our Sacred and Traditional Sites’” “Part 2 – Place Names and Maps: Tiičaminšmí Sukwanáwit ‘Espistimology of the Land’”: “Uytpamá Kútkut ‘The First Work,’” “Naamí Watikš ‘Our Tracks’”

Description: Atlas of place names used by the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla.

Note: Many place names recorded in a language known as Nuumiipuutím, or Cayuse Nez Perce. The two tribes are closely related.

Keywords: Culture, Geography, Language, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions


B12. Karson, Jennifer, ed.; wiyáxayxt: as days go by: wiyáakaa’awn: Our History, Our Land, and Our People: The Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla

wiyáxayxt * as days go by * wiyáakaa’awn / Out History, Our Land, and Our People / The Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla / Edited by Jennifer Karson / Published by Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, Pendleton / & Oregon Historical Society Press, Portland / in association with the University of Washington Press, Seattle and London

Location: Joseph Public Library; Joseph, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: i. half title; ii. ‘Cayuse Sisters;’ iii. full title; iv. copyright; v-vi. ‘Contributors;’ vii. ‘Contents;’ viii. blank; ix-x. ‘Foreword: A Conversation with Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.;’ xi-xii. ‘Preface;’ xiii. ‘Acknowledgements;’ xiv. blank; xv-xix. ‘As Days Go By: An Introduction;’ unpaginated blank; 1. quote by Donald Grinde, Jr.; 2. portrait; 3-242. text; 243. blank; 244. portrait; 245-52. ‘Epilogue: Asserting Sovereignty into the Future;’ 253-63. ‘Index;’ unpaginated blank; unpaginated page. ‘Photographs and Credits;’ 3 unpaginated blanks

Text Contents: “Tamánwit,” “Oral Traditions of the Natítaytma,” “Early Contact and Incursion, 1700-1850,” “Wars, Treaties, and the Beginning of Reservation Life,” “Through Change and Transition: Treaty Commitments Made and Broken,” “The Beginning of Modern Tribal Governance and Enacting Sovereignty,” “Self-Determination and Recovery,” “Other Important Events in Contemporary Tribal History”

Description: History of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes based on oral histories by tribe members themselves.

Note: Though this book is not specifically a work about the Nez Perce, it has been included for two reasons: the Cayuse’s close relationship to the Nez Perce in many regards and the fact that many contributors for the book profess Nez Perce heritage.

Keywords: 19th Century History, Culture, Geography, Politics, Religion, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions, Language, Legends


B14. Landeen, Dan and Pinkham, Allen; Salmon And His People: Fish & Fishing in Nez Perce Culture [1999] 1999

Salmon / And His People / Fish & Fishing / In Nez Perce / Culture / Dan Landeen / Allen Pinkham / Confluence Press / Lewiston, Idaho

Location: Alvin M. & Betty Josephy Library of Western History and Culture; Joseph, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: i. half title; ii. blank; iii. full title; iv. copyright; v. dedication; vi. blank; vii. ‘Table of Contents;’ viii. blank; ix-xii. ‘Preface;’ xiii-xvii. ‘Chronology;’ xviii. picture; 1-206. text; 207-17. ‘Key to the Families and Species of Fishes in the Columbia River Basin;’ 218. blank; 219-26. ‘References;’ 227-34. ‘Glossary;’ 235-39. ‘Treaty with the Nez Perces, 1855;’ 240. blank; 241-49. ‘Index;’ unpaginated blank.

Text Contents: “Part One”: “Columbia River Basin: Geology, History, and Ecology,” “The Hanford Site,” “A Brief History of the Nez Perce,” “Celilo Falls,” “Nez Perce Fishing,” “Treaty Rights and the Tradition of Tribal Management.” “Part Two”: “Fish Biology, Research, Species, and State Records,” “Accounts of Families and Fish Species.”

Description: Describes the relationship between fish, fishing, and the Nez Perce. Mostly factual, historical, and scientific. Interspersed with oral traditions recorded by various members of the Nez Perce and other tribes. Stories include: “A Meeting Between Creator and the Animals,” “Why the Columbia River Sparkles,” and “Beaver and the Grande Ronde River,” among others.

Keywords: Culture, Legends, Religion, Geography, Politics, 19th Century History, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions


B15. Landeen, Dan and Crow, Jeremy (compilers and editors); I Am of This Land: Wetes pe m’e wes [1997] 1997, second printing

A Nez Perce Nature Guide / I Am of This Land / Wetes pe m’e wes / Compiled & Edited / by / Dan Landeen and Jeremy Crow

Location: Alvin M. & Betty Josephy Library of Western History and Culture; Joseph, Oregon

Collation: 1 volume. Vol. 1: 1. full title; 2. copyright; 3. picture; 4. dedication; 5. ‘Table of Contents;’ 6. ‘Foreword;’ 7. ‘Introduction;’ 8-87. text; 88-91. ‘Appendix I: Treaty with the Nez Percés, 1855;’ 92-93. ‘Bibliography;’ 94. ‘Acknowledgments;’ 95. ‘Hanford Wildlife Checklist’

Text Contents: “Section One: Culture of the Nez Perce”: “Values,” “Stories,” “Nez Perce Use of Plant & Animal Resources,” “Hunting,” “Fishing,” “Section Two: Historical Resource Use on the Columbia Plateau”: “Nez Perce History,” “Hanford Site,” “Section Three: Hanford Wildlife”: “Birds,” “Mammals,” “Reptiles & Amphibians,” “Dangerous Creatures”

Description: Description of the wildlife of the Hanford area. Mostly factual, historical, and scientific. Interspersed with oral traditions. Stories include: “The Wren,” “Coyote and the Grouse,” and “Cottontail Boy and Rattlesnake,” among others.

Keywords: Culture, 19th Century History, Geography, Legends, Religion, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions


B22. “The Seven Devils Mountains.” In American Indian Trickster Tales, edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, 23-24. New York: Penguin Books, 1999.

Keywords: Legends, Religion, Geography, Oral Traditions, Transcriptions


H. Criticism


H8. Lang, William L. “The Meaning of Falling Water: Celilo Falls and the Dalles in Historical Literature.” Oregon Historical Quarterly 108, no. 4 (2007): 566-85.

Note: Salmon And His People by Allen V. Pinkham and Dan Landeen mentioned on page 581 in relation to the symbolism of Celilo Falls.

Keywords: Criticism, Geography